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Life is short, eat good noodles

Hong Kong Noodle House

Homemade noodle, wonton, fish ball, gau gee, roast duck and more


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Still missed the good old day when Wonton boy arrived.

Posted on June 13, 2013 at 4:19 AM Comments comments (470)
Hi, my name is Jimmy and i born in Hong Kong, i still remember the good old day in 70s, in rainy day, when my mom order delivery service from noodle place (not restaurant, they call (Dai Pai Dong) which is more like the little kitchen but built on the sidewalk with a few wooden tables and chairs for customers to sit down and eat, now they all obsoleted, but the foods are delicious, the delivery boy would put the noodles and wonton in bowl dry, and soup is stored in the big soup pot, then everything were put in a rectangular shape metal tray with metal handle, he would then pour soup in the bowls when arrived our house and just took back the tray and soup pot, the next day he would come to our door front and pick up the empty bowls. which they stopped doing that a long ago, but i still remember and missed the excitement when the delivery boy arrived and smell that unique shrimp taste from the soup.